Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Times, an Old Friend and Top Gear

The two terms seem to be sinuous and often are. These two terms have come to my mind as I have recently had some good times with an old friend of mine. My friend, Jon, and I went to Applebee’s and had few drinks then went and caught an episode of top gear. It was definitely a good time. The two of us always do seem to have good time together as we have since middle school. I met him through the youth group at my church. It is funny as I have not seen him in a while yet we both watch Top Gear. For those of you who do not know Top Gear is a show from BBC, the British Broadcasting Company. It is a gear head, car enthusiast, show done in a British style, as anyone might expect from its producing network. The three host of the show do your standard car reviews with plenty of shot of the cars racing around the tack. But there is more. They are smart enough not to take themselves too seriously and they do interview celebrities. They also perform challenges like turning cars into amorphous vehicles or seeing if a car or plane will get from point A to point B quicker. Jon notes that it is the only car show that girl friend, Heather, will watch with him. I will note that it the only car show in which the host will evaluate the cars performance while participating in a beach front attack with the Royal Marians. Of that note if you want a car that has proven its effectiveness as a transport during a beach front attack go with the Ford Feitot, but do pick a color other then bright orange.

To continue on about top gear the show is awesome. Honestly on one episode they worked to determine the “roughness” of a pickup truck from Toyota. They left it out in the tide lit it on fire and placed it atop a sky scrapper during its implosion only find out the truck still ran after some work with no replacement parts. Truly useful information for those of us who will need to know what pickup trucks can take a hell of beating and keep on… well trucking. On one episode they raced a car against a jet and lost. And in the midst of all this absurdity with car more expensive then most could hope to own, they take a celebrity and have them do a lap around the race track in a standard car. Pure genius.

Something that I have come to find through this show that a gallon of gas in the UK is about 5 pounds. Now understand that the exchange rate from dollars to pounds fluctuates between 1.5 to 2 dollars for every pound. Ultimately this means that gas in the UK is priced at about 7.5 to 10 dollars a gallon. The thought of this alone has me wondering where my bike is. So as a bonus the show also enlightens one to world culture.

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