Thursday, November 19, 2009


I got my paper done, and that is what matters. And what makes it better is that I have two sources to boot. Spent all night with it till 5 am at which point I discovered I wasn’t getting any sleep, awesome. I have had some trouble writing it. I couldn’t find a topic that worked for me. I wrote about efforts to prevent and curb juvenile crime. As a Public Safety Officer (PSO) juvenile behavior is my cup of tea. Don’t worry though, proper parenting will not replaced anytime soon, advocates on both sides of the discussion have it completely wrong.

I went shooting last night, it was awesome. Well, it was awesome to get to go to the range again, as it had been a while since my last trip. The actual event was weak. It seemed as though the guy running it was there because he needed to get out more on Wednesday nights. But enough about the negatives, despite a distractingly frustrating environment I shot quite well. Now I only shot at four targets right and proper like I would in a competition, but I scored rather consistently. One was 80 the last 3 were 83. Just got a lovely dose of bad news, NRA pistol shooting is done one handed. The practicing I have been doing is wrong and my gun is not well suited for one handed shooting. That really sucks. Really, really sucks. All this time I thought I was shooting really well was for not as I was shooting to a different standard. That really sucks. I wish the NRA’s website had all the rules and regulations on it a few months ago when I started down this road, like before I invested so much time and money into doing it wrong.

I got a C on a test from Non-Western Societies. It was a good thing if you consider that when I left the room after the test I was wondering if I would be getting any points. Did I mention that just about all of my efforts to become a competitive shooter where for not and that, that really sucks? Yea so short blog it is.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Last week has been reposted!!! Saying that I got a little carried away is far too much of understatement so I will say that I vented far too vigorously. So if you would, please do take a look as it rewritten to be a civil, based and informative while still retaining that sneer that all blogs should have. And there is some perfectly hilarious word play that you simply must go and see for yourself. I like the entire post so much I intend to take the New Jersey Gun control aspect and rework as well as expand it into a paper. It is a paper I wanted to do for a couple of years but have been shut down on by my professors. Most professors argue that there is not enough material within New Jersey State Gun law to provide enough substance for a decent argumentative research paper. At the same time most professors do not realize how much there is to argue in regards to New Jersey State Gun Law. So I am continuing to aim for success in that I have finally made some headway in paper writing. I came to a block after my first paper. I get writers block when I feel like there is no point nor challenge to writing a paper and most of that depends on the topic.

Babysitting is over and, although not relevant to this blog, it was successful for me as well. Seems like I am having a lot of success lately. I did the whole babysitting thing weekly for a while and, from my nephew’s perspective, I went from one of these guys to Uncle Josh. Its so nice. My brother completed his class so, now I will be catching up with Buddy and Ben every couple of weeks on Fridays instead of Wednesdays. Wednesdays are free for going to practice shoots again so I’d be back to practicing tonight if I could fine my range ID.

Gun insight: bullets to magazines.
For clarity on gun terms I am going to cover a few terms most people are confused about. Starting with what most people know a bullet is the metal thing that flies out of the front of the gun when it is fired. Modern guns still fire bullets but they are loaded with rounds. Rounds are the result of the powder and primer put into a little cylinder canister of metal, typically brass, and sealed off by the bullet. Rounds are also referred to as shell. The little cylinder canister of metal from the round, which has a lip around the side opposite the bullet, is referred properly referred to as a shell casing when it is still part of the round and a spent shell casing after the round has been fired. The casing is also referred to as brass, shell casings, spent shell casings and shells. The casing is most frequently called brass as this is the marital most commonly used to manufacture it. More recently aluminum has been used to make casings in addition to brass. Some weapons with a system of parts would hold extra rounds under the pressure of a spring ready to be fed up into the chamber after the spent shell casing from the previous round was removed. This system of parts is called a magazine. Standard magazines can be removed from a weapon and are often interchangeable. As these are standard they are referred to simply as magazines. The majority of WWII weapons had the magazine built into the weapon; this is called an internal magazine. A clip is a set of rounds held together by a backing of a metal strip that is crimped around the lip of the casings. WWII weapons would be loaded by shoving the clip of into the internal magazine. As the rounds slid into the internal magazine they would slid off of the metal backing, which would be discarded.

Friday, November 6, 2009


“If you always caught fish then they would call it catching.” Very true Lindsey, very true. In the spirit of calling a spade a spade then salon fishing should be called “Remote hypothermic wading for a chance at a snagging a fish.” It’s not even fishing. There is no skill, no technique. It is so highly regulated that your only choices that matter are other rod, reel and line.
Moving forward, I had a great find the other day, Winchester 22 Long Rifle Dynapoint ammo. This ammo I have been looking for since before I owned my gun. At fifty yards they shoot twice as accurate as most ammo and they are renowned as having the least amount of jams. And I found them at K-mart. K-mart is known for many things, gun ammo is not one of them.
Hope was dead and now it is reborn. Last week I had given up on ever finding a target competition and had thrown in the towel at trying to find one. I had exhausted all of my efforts from fellow members at the Gun Club to the NRA website. I had even stopped shooting. But, while reading my NRA magazine I stumbled across the back section that announced local shoots. This led me to include that the NRA website doesn’t have an adequate search engine or list them on its website. It is awesome that I finally found a source for competitions. The next competition is Nov. 6… in NJ. It is quite unfortunate that the competition is in NJ as NJ legislators have outlawed my style of gun.

Gun insight: Gun Law
The right to bear arms. Federally granted right restricted on the state level. Before you get a gun or think about getting one must learn about the laws of your state and those around it. Gun owners, gun enthusiasts, constitutional enthusiast and even some people that become aware of the laws in effect are frustrated by state gun laws. To illustrate this point the laws that keep my gun out of NJ will be used. N J state legislation has a gun law that makes it unlawful for individuals within the state of New Jersey to have possession of a gun, as a firearm that does not have a butt stock, which is magazine fed by a magazine that loads outside of the pistol grip. So one is not forced to continually reread the entire phrasing used to address the law which keeps me as a Competitor Restricted Against Participation it will now be referred to as crap law. Understand that the magazine, also known as a clip, is the item that holds the extra rounds, also known as bullets, which feed into the gun as it fires. As for clarity, guns that crap law allows are what is most commonly thought of as hand guns, such as the Smith & Wesson 5946 of the NYPD, pictured in the top image above. Guns that crap law effect include, but are not limited to, both Olympic style hand guns and my Ruger Charger, as pictured in the bottom image above. Now one may ask what is the difference? and/or what does it really matter? The answer to both those questions is little.
The best way to examine the little difference crap law makes as well as how little it matters is through the justification that supporters of crap law and laws like it use. The main justification is that guns restricted by crap law have a higher potential for collateral damage that could occur if such a gun was used in a shooting incident. This supposed higher potential is thought to come from that these guns have larger high capacity magazines, a shorter change time for the magazine and larger caliper round. Magazine capacity is how many rounds, also thought of as bullets, a magazine can carry. But this justification doesn’t hold up as NJ law prohibits large capacity magazines under N.J. Rev. Stat § 2C:39­9h. A faster reload time is a reasonably sounding argument for justification, but non-crap law gun can be loaded in a heart beat as illustrated in this video. So being able to reload in half a heart beat would add a little more potential to a shooting spree. The last argument is that crap law guns could have a larger caliber then non-crap law guns. But there is no restriction to the size of the pistol grip on a magazine feed handgun in NJ so you could make a pistol grip large enough to any size round. So ultimately crap law does not effectively restrict the size of hand gun ammunition. So crap law is crap. It is an unjustified law. It shouldn’t be there. Hence the frustration gun owners, gun enthusiasts, constitutional enthusiast and even some people that become aware of the laws in effect experience.