Monday, December 7, 2009

Goldfish, more specifically, mine.

My goldfish are Schmitty(That’s how his name is spelled), Spastic, Tom and Jerry. They are by far the coolest goldfish there ever where, in fact Schmitty is too cool to be the color gold. He is in fact white. This is the result, as fair as my research efforts can tell, of a lack of direct sun light. Now the other goldfish have received the same, if not less, amount of sunlight as Schmitty, but Schmitty is the only one to go all albino on me. Schmitty is so cool he actually has his own Facebook. It was half made because of how cool he is and half because his owner used it to get ahead in a Facebook game. As a side bar said owner, me, has given up Facebook games. Schmitty does have his draw backs, he will go hemorrhagic septic simply for attention. For those not familiar hemorrhagic septic is blood poisoning that causes a fish’s blood to begin to surface in its fin and face area. It is as neat looking to the untrained eye as it is life treating to the fish. Now I say that Schmitty goes hemorrhagic septic for attention because he does it when the fish tank has undergone no major changes and is in peek condition. Further proving my theory that he simply does this for attention is that he does with no cause but also seems to clear up with no change in his environment as well. Schmitty is approximately six inches in length from tip to tip.

Spastic is the smallest at about four and a one quarter inches. His name comes from his spastic temperament which results from being the smallest in the tank. His temperament also makes him the most interesting of all the fish to watch. As he is the smallest in the tank and significantly smaller then the largest fish in the tank I do have to keep an extra eye on him for abuse from the other fish. This can first be spotted as fin shredding, which I have yet to see. It is normal behavior for fish to pick on significantly smaller fish given the opportunity. But I guess my fish are just special.

Tom and Jerry, named after the cartoon duo of my youth are the two fish in the middle of the size range at five and one half inches as well as five inches respectively. Tom also has two marks on his from the time he managed to squeeze in and get stuck behind the bubble tube. Fortunately I noticed and saved him in time. Since then I have put gravel around the bubble bar to prevent further incident. Aside from Tom’s little endeavor, Tom and Jerry are not very exciting. But they do complete school.

They are actually feeder fish that my sisters turtle passed over. It is a bit of a funny story my mom, sister and myself got a few normal tank fish and bunch of feeder fish to put in my sister’s turtle’s tank. The turtle went straight for the normal fish despite the fact that the feeder fish were much larger then its head. It was ironic cruel and sad as we had just finished naming those fish.

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