Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Post??? could it be? Yes it could be. Done with English in school, woot. now I just have to speak and write it till the end of my days, ha. Can't help but wonder if anyone will read this, and I do beg u do read this say so if you do read, even if it is anonymous.(sign out first) It would be nice to if the room I intend to speak to is full or not. So yea I am done with English in school, it is just not my subject. Anyways I seem to have given up on shooting, but i have moved on to KAYAKING. and it is awesome, it does lack the competitive element, but it does have comradely. I mean sure u could take someone shooting but the ear protection take away from it. Neshaminy is great but only 3 days after a good rain and lake galena seems to be proving a more consistent destination.