Thursday, November 19, 2009


I got my paper done, and that is what matters. And what makes it better is that I have two sources to boot. Spent all night with it till 5 am at which point I discovered I wasn’t getting any sleep, awesome. I have had some trouble writing it. I couldn’t find a topic that worked for me. I wrote about efforts to prevent and curb juvenile crime. As a Public Safety Officer (PSO) juvenile behavior is my cup of tea. Don’t worry though, proper parenting will not replaced anytime soon, advocates on both sides of the discussion have it completely wrong.

I went shooting last night, it was awesome. Well, it was awesome to get to go to the range again, as it had been a while since my last trip. The actual event was weak. It seemed as though the guy running it was there because he needed to get out more on Wednesday nights. But enough about the negatives, despite a distractingly frustrating environment I shot quite well. Now I only shot at four targets right and proper like I would in a competition, but I scored rather consistently. One was 80 the last 3 were 83. Just got a lovely dose of bad news, NRA pistol shooting is done one handed. The practicing I have been doing is wrong and my gun is not well suited for one handed shooting. That really sucks. Really, really sucks. All this time I thought I was shooting really well was for not as I was shooting to a different standard. That really sucks. I wish the NRA’s website had all the rules and regulations on it a few months ago when I started down this road, like before I invested so much time and money into doing it wrong.

I got a C on a test from Non-Western Societies. It was a good thing if you consider that when I left the room after the test I was wondering if I would be getting any points. Did I mention that just about all of my efforts to become a competitive shooter where for not and that, that really sucks? Yea so short blog it is.

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  1. that sounds pretty interesting, shooting a gun and all. not really for me, but still sounds pretty cool