Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Last week has been reposted!!! Saying that I got a little carried away is far too much of understatement so I will say that I vented far too vigorously. So if you would, please do take a look as it rewritten to be a civil, based and informative while still retaining that sneer that all blogs should have. And there is some perfectly hilarious word play that you simply must go and see for yourself. I like the entire post so much I intend to take the New Jersey Gun control aspect and rework as well as expand it into a paper. It is a paper I wanted to do for a couple of years but have been shut down on by my professors. Most professors argue that there is not enough material within New Jersey State Gun law to provide enough substance for a decent argumentative research paper. At the same time most professors do not realize how much there is to argue in regards to New Jersey State Gun Law. So I am continuing to aim for success in that I have finally made some headway in paper writing. I came to a block after my first paper. I get writers block when I feel like there is no point nor challenge to writing a paper and most of that depends on the topic.

Babysitting is over and, although not relevant to this blog, it was successful for me as well. Seems like I am having a lot of success lately. I did the whole babysitting thing weekly for a while and, from my nephew’s perspective, I went from one of these guys to Uncle Josh. Its so nice. My brother completed his class so, now I will be catching up with Buddy and Ben every couple of weeks on Fridays instead of Wednesdays. Wednesdays are free for going to practice shoots again so I’d be back to practicing tonight if I could fine my range ID.

Gun insight: bullets to magazines.
For clarity on gun terms I am going to cover a few terms most people are confused about. Starting with what most people know a bullet is the metal thing that flies out of the front of the gun when it is fired. Modern guns still fire bullets but they are loaded with rounds. Rounds are the result of the powder and primer put into a little cylinder canister of metal, typically brass, and sealed off by the bullet. Rounds are also referred to as shell. The little cylinder canister of metal from the round, which has a lip around the side opposite the bullet, is referred properly referred to as a shell casing when it is still part of the round and a spent shell casing after the round has been fired. The casing is also referred to as brass, shell casings, spent shell casings and shells. The casing is most frequently called brass as this is the marital most commonly used to manufacture it. More recently aluminum has been used to make casings in addition to brass. Some weapons with a system of parts would hold extra rounds under the pressure of a spring ready to be fed up into the chamber after the spent shell casing from the previous round was removed. This system of parts is called a magazine. Standard magazines can be removed from a weapon and are often interchangeable. As these are standard they are referred to simply as magazines. The majority of WWII weapons had the magazine built into the weapon; this is called an internal magazine. A clip is a set of rounds held together by a backing of a metal strip that is crimped around the lip of the casings. WWII weapons would be loaded by shoving the clip of into the internal magazine. As the rounds slid into the internal magazine they would slid off of the metal backing, which would be discarded.

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