Sunday, October 18, 2009


“It will give me a chance to clear my head or a bit.” Was the last line of my last blog. Somehow I had this misconception that cramming myself with my grumpy dear old Dad and Hyperactive brother. Yea it was far from relaxing and at quite far from head clearing.
But, the fish were awesomely massive. Prehistoric looking, at least that is what I saw from the fish that other people caught, ‘cause I didn’t catch a single fish. They were everywhere, they ran into me and I literally tripped over one. I was tripping on the darn things but I could not one. BAH!!! Ok Ok OK it was good times. I mean I got to chase after a couple other people had on a hook and wow that was an adrenaline rush. My Dad and I came home early…
And took our new gear into the Nashamy creek that runs threw our back yard and tried to catch carp. That was a good and relaxing time. I know what your thinking, Why did you try to upstate New York to go Salmon fishing when you have big old carp in the creek that runs through your back yard? That is a good question, and the mistake will Not happen again. I can not catch fish in my backyard all on my own and then go to my room which is bigger then the entire cabin. Yea like it was smaller then a quad.
Now this blog is supposed to be about shooting and schooling, not fishing. So, back to topic; I got a B+ on my Non-West Society mid term, BOOSH!!! (That is an explanation meaning of great magnitude, at least in my book.) That test was studied very hard for. It is increasing hard to not use first person in writing now. Now that this blog is being up kept. It is a lazy way of writing that, of recent, this writer has been falling into and is working to get out of. That is the update from my strides for success in so far as scholastic endeavors. As far as efforts in regards to competitive target shooting, not much to report there. I have not been to the range in a few weeks, still. I will sending out a few emails to track down a competition to go to.
I intend to change things up. Future Blogings will be two parted. The first portion will be much like the entire normal blogings you have already been reading here. The second portion will be a breakdown of some aspect of shooting. How the gun works, some of the science behind the bullet and its trajectory, or how different sights work. Hope you enjoy the change. And here is a little taste.
Sighting in: the process of aligning the trajectory of the bullet as it is fired from the gun and the point at which the gun sight is pointing at for a relative distance. Understand that the bullet leaves and flies forward from the end of the barrel. The gun sight sits above the barrel and points to a given position down range. The sight has to angled downward so that the sight line and the path of the bullet cross. The sight is adjusted so that these lines cross at the target as the distance from the target changes. Now this is an oversimplification of the process but mind you more detail will offered later.


  1. Fishing for me is not my best either... I actually attatched the hook on my brother's shirt and ripped it.. It was really fun though.

  2. the only time i catch fish is with my grandfather...."if you caught fish every time it would be called catching"