Thursday, September 3, 2009

Setting the stage

This blog was going to be about all areas I am aiming for success, school, work and competitive shooting, however anything interesting that happens at work is held in confidence. So, this blog will be about my efforts for success in school and competitive shooting. Don't let the idea of a gun scare you, my gun amounts to little more then a remote whole puncher. Yes it does have the potential to do more it lives its life putting wholes in peaces of paper. Its a Ruger 10-22 Charger. I am incredibly good shot and am moving forward, as much as I can, with heading into the competitive ream of shooting. I have been shooting since I was about twelve on and off but since I purchased my gun about a year ago I have been shooting rather consistently. I average 300 rounds a month which will go up as I recently joined the gun club across the street from my house. As for my academic background I graduated from Central Bucks School District South High School and then started at Delaware Valley College full time as a Criminal Justice Major. I switched over to being a Secondary Education Major for a little bit. Then after a couple semesters switched back to Criminal Justice. Needless to say that set me back academically along with some trouble passing En II. Since then I have switched to a part time student in order to work on my resume and so I could have a little more time to focus on the few classes I take at a time. Currently that entail En II and Non-western Society. More background information on this blogger can be found on Facebook [note: I have been told my picture resembles a grapefruit with a smily face drawn on it]. In short this blog this will be insight to my life with the school and the range as presented with an an interesting presentation.

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