Saturday, September 19, 2009

more progress

Not only was last week went well in aiming for success in shooting but it went really well in aiming for success with academics as well. The class presentation in English class went well. My group had a little trouble all getting on the same page earlier on but ultimately we where successful in our presentation, full credit successful. Prof. Ryan said we set the bar rather high, which is a little ironic as our group, at least in part, chose to go first as to gain the little leeway that the first group to go gets. My motivation in going first was simply to get it done and out of the way so that I could focus more on my essays during the rest of the semester. It will be nice to not have that looming over my head for the rest of the semester.

It was a rather interesting topic, Spider-man India. It is interesting how this foreign country has adopted the Spider-man character. And it’s probably just a personal quark but I love when something a seemingly insignificant can be used so well to illustrate such a significant point as the global social and economic theater.

As for my other class, Non-western Societies has begun to move forward again. Understand, last week both classes were canceled. Class was up and running as usual this week, as it turns out he had some unforeseen medical issues arise.

I am excited about my shooting as I put in an order to Cabella’s last week. I purchased based on my experience from last week. I got a match spring, hammer and sear kit that will take my trigger pull down to two and a half pounds. I also got the two ten round clips I wanted. Now the mail will be checked every day for the next three to six business days, that it when the shipment should arrive. One might find it odd that the spring, hammer and sear kit is what is replace changes the trigger pull but I can explain that. The way a gun fires, in a simple manor, is that the gunpowder charge is ignited by a primmer flash. The primmer flash is set off by off as the firing pin smashes into it, which is propelled by the hammer. The hammer gets its force from the hammer spring. Before this process is set in motion the hammer spring sits compressed against the back of the hammer. The hammer rests against the sear which is the only thing that stops it from flying forward. This is much like a mouse trap set to go. The trigger knocks the sear out from holding the hammer back. By altering the way the sear and hammer meet less effort would be needed to knock it out. The springs that are replaced return the sear and trigger into proper position after a shot is fired so they are ready to go for the next shot. Most of these are weighted for the safety of inexperienced shooters; however as an experienced shooter I am confident with a lighter weighted trigger. Last Wednesday was bust at the range as I couldn’t focus. There were two kids shooting next to me and I shot horribly. I did however manage to grab a NRA pistol shooting pamphlet. After the method of scoring is deciphered I can see how my shooting stacks up. Somehow the lower your score the better; perhaps the score is the points you missed out on, I don’t know still working on that.

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